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Blind Contour

Color Animal

B&W animal

Expressionistic Self portrait


Independent #2 and #4

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Mechanical paradox


Donate Life

My year in advanced studio was the year of the lobsters. I explored just about any way I was capable of drawing a lobster there was. Most of the time I struggled with deadlines as I would get too far in over my head with the size of my project. What this year taught me is the value of small works and digital works. They both could come out to the standard I look for in my art and they were completed quicker than all of my larger pieces. Although I still want to continue with larger artwork I think I will save it for outside of class when I can spend more time on it.

I think this year was the year I found my favorite medium when I started using illustrator. Previously I had always been frustrated with my paintings because the colors were never as solid as I wanted them to be and my shapes were never true enough. What I discovered with illustrator is I can get solid colors and straight lines which is what I have been looking for for my four years of art classes. I see this as the one thing I will spend the most time using in the future.

In college I hope to continue with art electives, but it will not be my main focus. I will also continue it as a hobby and look to improve my skills with illustrator as I could use them for things that would be useful to my future such as logo design or just general art that I would like to do. I think I will continue to pursue other mediums at my leisure because I enjoy experimenting even though usually one out of every ten or so experiments comes out well. I think that I will keep art around for years to come in my future in one form or another.