Hand sculpture

For my hand sculpture I wanted to do a hand pulling the pin of a "hand" grenade. For this I painted the fist green and the other hand a skin tone. I placed the grenade on a bed of sand and I mounted the other hand next to it with the pin pulled out. The work is made from paint, sheet metal, bondo, sand and a pin. I chose to make it because I liked the play on words behind the hand grenade after that I connected it to terrorism to cover the political message but I'm not sure that I'm happy with that message so it is still fluid.

I took advantage of the shape of the hands to make a grenade and I used real sand and metal to create the textures on the sculpture. The project evolved over time because I originally planned to just use the grenade and not have a platform but I decided to put it on the dirt to make it look like it had been dropped on the ground because I thought it needed more texture.

The meaning behind the artwork is to be determined, It right now is connected to the wars and terrorism but I'm not really happy with that meaning so for now it is up to the viewer what the meaning is. It relates to me because I like the play on words, I like the humorous nature of the piece in a field of artwork that was mostly serious and a little bit darker than the hand grenade. I like to lighten the mood a little. It could be stronger if the patchwork on the pin pulling hand was better, but it was hard to find a material that would fill the crevices and when I found the material I had no experience with it so it didn't come out perfect.