Paper Sculpture



For this project we had to make a sculpture out of paper and it had to represent one word we felt represented the first semester. For this I chose confusing because I was taking classes in particular math that would leave me in a deep state of confusion. For the project in addition to the paper I used tape and an exacto knife to cut the paper. For the process I just made a long rectangle folded into a right angle and then I taped shapes to in. As for the shapes there wasn't much of a plan for the cutting of the shapes. I just cut long, short, sharp, soft, all sorts of difference to aid the message of confusion. The lack of a plan is what I feel makes the message get across as well as it did.

Originally I was going to do weird but there wasn't much thought behind that which is why I chose to change it to confusing. As for the evolution of the project I would say it evolved to be more abstract than I had thought but it is good because a realistic depiction wouldn't of gotten the message across as clearly I feel.