The subject is three leaves placed next to each other. For materials I used acrylic paint on canvas. I chose to create this because we had to make a up close view of multiple leaves. The work uses the whole canvas with minimal white space and balances the big leaf with two little ones on the sides.

Informal balance is used here because it is off center and the leaves are at an angle. The project evolved because I started with the ideas of using oil sticks but I decided to paint because I wanted a clear and simple look. I also changed the amount of detail. I started by wanting it to be super detailed but once I got going I decided I like the simple lines and edges of the leaves.

There isn't much meaning behind this because it is made following the prompt which was fairly specific. The only part that relates to my life is the simple style that I used because I use that on most of the acrylic paintings I do. I think another coat of paint would make it stronger because you can see the brush strokes in some areas.