Relief Sculpture

For the relief sculpture I chose to do a portrait of L.L. Bean out of leather. For the materials I used three different colored leathers and I glued them onto each other. For this project I wanted to do a portrait of someone from maine and we had to connect the material to the person so I decided to do leather because LL Bean is known for making the bean boot. For my picture I cropped down a picture of him in a canoe to just the part with him and I turned in into a three layer piece. It was done by cutting the leather to the shape of each layer of the reference then stacking the three different layers onto each other to form the final piece.

My piece evolved from being originally on a licence plate background but after looking at it it looked out of place with the background and the licence plates colors were distracting from the relief. The piece also evolved over the time I was making it because I had never worked with leather before so as I worked with it I learned some tricks to cut it cleaner and how to make it look better.

The meaning behind the piece was to take someone who was very successful and from maine and to make my relief of them. I chose LL Bean because he is such an important person for freeport and to go with that he is known worldwide for what he has done with his stores. This applies to me because he I'm from freeport and LL Bean is a great example for me of what you can achieve if you really put your life toward something. As for what I could do better, What I really need is more experence with leather because I feel it didn't come out looking too good because of my lack of experience, it was the first time I had tried to use leather for a material.