For my concentration I did a multi layer stencil on multiple pieces of glass. I chose a nautical theme for my concentration so I did a buoy for one and for the other I did an old school helm of a ship. To make this I had to cut glass to size and draw and cut stencils and cut all the wood to shape and sand it. I chose to do this because the ocean is a big part of our lives in freeport so I chose to do a nautical concentration. I was also inspired by the Maineah project because I liked the idea behind that so I decided to take inspiration from that. The principal I tried to use the most was depth because I was doing a 2D piece and stretching it across multiple sheets of glass.

Both of the pieces of concentration use formal balance as they are centered in the glass. I also used depth as mentioned earlier. Originally my concentration was just going to be a wire sculpture of a track but there wasn't enough there to make a full concentration so I switched to the idea I have now because I like stencils and have wanted to try them on glass for a while, but have not had the chance to do it.

The meaning behind the art is I have always liked boats and things that have to do with the ocean so it's always a topic I gravitate to when doing projects. For this I wanted to try to do a minimalistic representation of different things you find on the ocean. It relates to my life because I've always lived on the coast and most of my life I've lived less than 5 minutes from the ocean. The things that bother me is the over spray from the paint and the glass is not all cut to the same size so it throws off the alignment of the sculpture. If I were to do it again I would also add a black outline to some of the layers to make them more defined and cover the overspray.