Circle Project

For the circle project I chose the round headlights of a an BMW e30 as my subject. I made it mostly with acrylic paint but i used a very light grey spray paint to make some of the lines straighter. I knew I wanted to do half of the grill of an e30 as the main focus, but I had no idea what I was going to do for the background. When I got to doing the background it was just solid grey which was boring so I knew I needed to add some color so I decided to do stripes across the whole canvas in the colors of the BMW ///M logo.

The style of the painting like pop-art because it is very few colors and very clean lines and I find my style tends to be more geometric and thought out rather than expressionist. My project evolved originally I was going to make a realistic painting of the front of the car. That seemed too boring so I decided to do just the grill and no hood or windshield. I also applied the layering techniques that I use when stenciling to the acrylic paint.