Look Inside

For the look inside project I made a beanstalk with a spider coming out of it. For the materials I used sculpey, and tin foil with a foam core base. I chose to make this because I liked the Idea of a bean stalk and I didn't know what to put inside of it and alex suggested a spider. So naturally because it was the last day of the quarter and I hadn't started yet I took any idea I could get.

It uses shape to give it a flowy beanstalk look with the twisted vines. My idea started as a tree and because there was no brown sculpey I had to use green and make a beanstalk. I also evolved it because I wanted to do just peas inside of it but that was too simple for my liking so I took alex's advice with the spider.

The meaning behind this artwork is very minimal because it is kind of just a paradoxical take on a beanstalk with no motive or meaning behind it. This project doesn't relate to me very much at all. One way I could make it better is by spending more time on it obviously.