For my maineah project I did a miniature lobster bake. I used sculpey and wire to make a lobster and corn and other various things you eat at a lobster bake. I chose to make it becauses I made a lobster out of sculpey and needed a way to make it a full piece of artwork so I made other parts of a lobster dinner. The work is a bunch of small pieces that are all placed with each other to make a full piece.

My project evolved from just being one sculpey lobster to being a full lobster bake. Originally I did not have a plan to make the lobster bake I was just making the lobster with hopes that it would inspire a bigger project.

There isn't really a meaning or story behind it, I was just making it to make it. As with most of my artwork there isn't usually a story I usually just make something that looks cool because If I try and put a story behind it I over think it and never end up doing the project. The one thing I would like to add to this is a plate for the lobster.