Wearable Sculpture

For my wearable sculpture I made a baseball hat out of wire. I made the sculpture by bending the wire and twisting it around itself to create the hat shape. For materials I only used picture hanging and rebar wire. I used needle nose plyers to bend the wire into shape. I chose to create this because I like to work with wire and I needed to make a wearable so I decided to make a hat with the wire which is a very unusual material for a hat.

Originally my project was just going to be wire and it was going to be a beret but I liked the shape of the baseball hat better and I decided to use two different types of wire to make it more dimensional because with just one wire type it looked like a tangled mess of wire.

There isn't much meaning behind the hat other than I wanted to make a wire hat. Other than me liking hats It doesn't have much connection to my life. It could be stronger if I got some very thin wire and tied the joints together because some of the joints slip with just the hooks joining them.