My experience with 3d was off and on some points I would really like what we were other times when I wasn't into the project it was more of a struggle. Overall I am glad I took 3d although I definitely prefer 2d art. I think it helped me gain some skills for 3d projects I would like to do in the future such as wire and more with some 3d stencils.

The process I enjoyed the most was sculpey because it was easy to work with and lent itself really well to making cartoonish sculptures which I think look cool. It was also good to work with because it was very simple to use which is good for the clean simple style that I like. The process I didn't enjoy was clay for the busts. It was very messy and was always collapsing on me or not taking the shape I was looking for. To work with it you had to be very meticulous and gentle and those are two things I do not excel at. What proves that I met the standard is if you look at the progression from my relief which doesn't look like much of anything to my bust which looks like a real person you can see that my 3d skills improved greatly and I became much better at the fine details than when I started. You can also tell toward the end I stopped rushing through projects and that helped them look much better.

This art relates to my life because I am the type of person that will excel at something I like to do or care about, but if I don't care about the meaning I have to build the project around I will rush through to get it over with. You can see this because in my opinion my best project was my Maineah project which had a meaning behind it that I could get behind so I tried to do my best to make a good project. Sculpey was the only material I used more than once mainly because it was easy and accessible. I liked to try and use a bunch of different materials to try and find what I like to work with and I don't think I have found a material that really calls to me yet.