Expressionistic self portrait

The subject is a self portrait so it is me, there is no setting. The work was made using oil paint sticks and my fingers to blend them. I chose to create this particular piece because we had to make a self portrait that expressed an emotion. I used selective color using only blue, black and white. Once I finished it I didn't have a background so I cut the head out to remedy that problem.

This project evolved because of the emotions I decided to express originally puzzled as an emotion but as I did it and once I finished it it was too good for me to cut up into puzzle pieces like I intended to so I had to change my emotion. Because the only color I used was blue it was easy to just switch the emotion to blue.

Because I changed the emotion at the end it doesn't have as much meaning as it originally did. It relates to my life because it is of me and it is based off of emotions I've had. I don't think there's much I can do to make it stronger at this point. there are some proportions I would change but I can't do that without redoing the whole thing.