Beautiful Oops

For the beautiful oops I did a marlin jumping out of the water. As of right now it is only graphite and the ink splotch. I just sketched out the shape of the marlin. I plan on revising it and adding water color. I chose to do this because I wanted to draw a fish because they look cool to me so I tried to find a fish that looked like my ink splotch. It is kind of jumping out of the corner leaving a lot of space for a background where I'd like to add water to add some movement to the background.

The composition rules used would be informal balance and rule of thirds because it sits in one of the corners and leaves negative space in the other corner. Originally I was going to do a squid but then I saw the swordfish which was better because squid wasn't really exciting to me. And as for future revisions I see adding watercolor for more contrast.