eLearning tools

Supporting you in using digital tools for facilitating learning, teaching and assessment in a blended and connect teaching context

Covid-19 exam guidelines

These guides are intended to help staff develop accessible online assessment that engages students and provides a positive experience for them. These are only guides and should be treated as such. If you have concerns around individual students, particular disabilities or learning outcomes, these should be discussed in detail with the team at ASDAC.

  1. Guidance for Academic Staff on Accessible Examination and Assessment

  2. Practical Considerations for Remote Online Exams in Moodle

If you are working at home, we strongly recommend that you access all University corporate systems through the Global Protect VPN. Using the VPN means you are effectively 'on campus'. Some systems may not be accessible without the VPN.

Teaching in a blended learning context



Digital tools

The following tools have been placed within specific categories. However, bear in mind that there can be a cross over in their use.

Creating and embedding multimedia:

Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle):

Audience response:

Web conferencing:

For help and advice with any of the technologies or services mentioned below, please contact your Faculty-based Online Course Developers. Your Faculty eLearning Champions may also be able to share their experience. Alternatively, contact Technology Enhanced Learning via email at elearn@port.ac.uk