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Year in Review 2021

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Mobile phone policy

Mobile phones are for emergency use for out of school hours. All mobile phones are to be switched OFF at all times during the school day. Urgent calls by students or parents must be made via the School Office. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to electronic equipment.

All contact with parents during school hours MUST be made through the College Office.

Any student caught using such equipment will have it confiscated and it will need to be collected by parents before 4 pm as soon as practical. After 4 pm all confiscated phones will be placed in the school safe. Images taken of the school or of Cerdon students cannot be published without permission from the Principal.

Video conferencing guidelines for students & parents

Responsible Use of ICT and Social Media - Student Guidelines.pdf
Video conferencing guidelines for students.pdf
Video conferencing guidelines for parents CEDP.pdf

Student Guide to Online Learning

Student Guide - Learning on a Digital Platform.pdf

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