Landon: *rapid fires names of DC movies in order*

Okay, I think I'm done.​

McCartney: (talking about hotdog) Get a smaller weiner.


Jerzie: I just love water. I tried an Icelandic water from Target and I about died- it was SO good.

Jerzie:  I am a passionate country hater- I talk about it all the time.

Jerzie: I have a secret talent but I can’t say it out loud.

Issac: I’m always stuck in pudding. I eat my way out and find more.

Delaney: I have goosies!!

McCartney: That was a demon!


Jerzie: This is definitely not true, but Elon Musk radiates that he smells like cat pee.

Maxine: I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and I’m so excited!

Isaac: (in a deep dark voice) Suspense begins to build!

Jerzie: I love dinosaurs!

Maxine: Rawr!!


Jerzie: What if they're a throuple?

Matthew: Oooh, yeah, maybe they're into that.

Matthew: I love monkeys.

Ty: The party starts when I arrive.

Isaac:  I wanna marry water-- people die, water doesn’t.

Gina: Live, Laugh, Flush.

Delaney: Matthewwwww! I will kill you!!

Delaney: Bebé tiburón doo doo doo doo doo...! (Baby shark in Spanish)

Matthew: Did you say queso?!!

Delaney: *sits on bench and gets a criss-cross pattern on the back of her legs*

Now I'm a double ham!!


Delaney: I can’t do anything cool but everywhere on my body pops because I’m messed up.

Ty: I felt that it was easier to be lazy.

Isaac: Who is THAT handsome devil?!

Ty: Helllllllll yeah!!!


Jerzie: She should work at Hooters.

McCarntey: My dogs are out!

Jerzie: I call mine grippers.

Jerzie: Oh- I thought you said you were hung over.

Allison: I can turn myself into a chair.


Jerzie: I just got the sudden urge to dab.


Ty: Did you just say fart limit?

Liz: Her laugh doesn’t sound like it should come out of her.

McCartney: I want to get in a fist fight, but one where they don’t fight back.


Liz: ISAAAAC! Read my mind, not my work.

Jerzie: I wish your mom was at my house!

Matthew: Is it illegal to buy a sea otter?

*five minutes later* Dang it-- it's illegal!

Maxine: It was a lot of coffee, I had to pee so bad.

All of us: YOUR MOM!

Harper: Okay, I’m going to the bathroom to do my hair. It’ll take me, like, a LONG time, so see you after lunch.

JJ: OH MY GOSH, I just finished this book and it was SOOO GOOD… I’m going to die

Matthew: I miss Gina.

McCartney: She's still alive, guys