Danica Ervin

Poem:    Pink

Poem:     King

Story:     The Most Annoyingly Perfect Boy

Story:     Creative Nonfiction

Slam Group Poem: "A Dozen Adaptations for the Socially Distanced"

Group Poem: "Potluck"

Script: "The Panic at the Disco"


Pink is my favorite color

The color of your first love

A color of playfulness and innocence

The color of your childhood 

The most beautiful color



Pink is the color of my favorite flower


Sitting on a park bench

Smelling good

Looking beautiful



Pink is the color of my favorite crystal

Rose quartz

Symbolizing gentleness, calmness

Compassion and love




Lonely, lonely girl

Wishing people treated her better

Crying herself to sleep

But she has 'nothing to be sad about'

Why doesn't anyone understand 

She doesn’t have perfect grades

She isn’t as pretty as other girls

She isn’t even up to her own standards

She wishes the world knew the real her

If only someone could look past her

If someone could understand

If she had a king

Where was her king

The one person who could understand 

Was nowhere to be found

Would she ever find him

The Most Annoyingly Perfect Boy


     As I sat down in my first period class, I was assigned a seat by the most annoying boy ever. He would always tap his pencil and click his pens. 

     I finally had enough after about 5 minutes. “Can you shut up?” He glared at me and smirked. I rolled my eyes and continued listening. A couple minutes passed and he popped a piece of gum in. “Do you want one?”, he asked. I stared into his sage green eyes for a second then looked at the gum he was holding. “No, thank you,” I said.

     Then, he popped the gum. He popped, popped, popped it. I looked at him and he looked back, our eyes locking. I gave him a stern glare and he smacked the gum. I just sighed deeply, and he finally stopped. I felt very relaxed when the bell rang for the second period.

     That relaxation stopped when I looked across the table and saw who was sitting there. I realized I didn’t even know his name yet, so I asked him. He replied with “Levi.”

     As the class went on he did annoying things, but I just tried to ignore them the most. When he saw me getting frustrated he would just smirk. I was sure he was doing this on purpose. 

     “Are you trying to annoy me?” I snapped at him. He just smiled and laughed. 

     “Yeah, he likes you,” I heard one of his friends say. Levi turned to his friend and murmured some things, but I didn’t hear. Did he like me?

     Next period I was finally away from him. As I could finally get my work done, I realized I was thinking about him. Things like how pretty his eyes were and how they sparkled when I glared at him. I tried to stop thinking about him, but I just couldn’t. I was yearning to see him at lunch.

     I couldn’t focus anymore so I asked if I could go to the bathroom. While walking down the hall, I looked and saw Levi helping a little kid. My heart go so warm. It was so nice seeing him doing something kind. I walked back to class, eager for the bell to ring.

     Finally, lunch did come and I contemplated sitting by him or seeing if he would come sit by me. I decided to sit down alone and I watched him get his lunch, but he didn’t sit by me and went with his friends instead. I sighed and ate my lunch, but when I looked up at him he was staring, and I stared back. I wasn’t going to break eye contact, and neither was he. He eventually got up and came and sat by me. 

     “Hey, Kayleigh,” he said as I observed him. He licked his full, pink lips, and smiled the most beautiful smile.             “Hey, Levi,” I said back, staring at his lips. 

     “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out after school,” he said, “We could drive around and go get food or something, it’d be up to you.”

     “I’d love to,” I replied. My heart was beating so hard I was scared he might’ve heard it. My palms got sweaty and I smiled nervously. He smiled back and said, “Alright. It’s a date.”

     I practically skipped to my next class. I was ecstatic. As I started thinking, the voice in my head said, “Didn’t you hate him the first 2 hours of the school day?” I didn’t even care. I ached for the school day to end so we could go on our date.

     Once the day ended, Levi met me at my locker and took me to his car. He opened the door for me and I got in the passenger seat. His car smelt like ferns and evergreens. I relaxed and took everything that was happening.

He looked at me and asked, “Do you want to go get ice cream?” I smiled and said yes, and we went to the ice cream shop in our little town. When we finally got there, I ordered a dish of strawberry ice cream, and Levi ordered a dish of mint chocolate chip. We chatted for about 30 minutes, then he took me home.

     When he dropped me off at my house, I went inside and fell on my bed. I was so happy. I thought about how I thought he was super annoying, yet I had fallen for him within a couple hours. I realized he was the most annoyingly perfect boy ever.

Creative Nonfiction


     My family went on a Christmas vacation, something out of the ordinary for us. I stepped foot on the wet wood of a cruise ship. I could smell the salty sea and the exotic animals in it. I sighed deeply, taking it all in. As my family and I walked to our room, I observed everything around me. I had never been on a cruise until then, so everything was new to me.

     “Do you want to go get ice cream?” my sister asked. Of course, I did, so we went to the top deck of the ship. 

     “Chocolate or vanilla?” she asked. “Chocolate,” I eagerly replied. After we got our ice cream, we stretched across some tanning chairs and soaked up the sun. Eventually, I got bored and my brother and I went down the big blue water slide that stood upon the deck. There were 2 pools, 4 hot tubs and 1 big water slide.

     After swimming for countless hours, my family and I went to a pizza place on the boat, where you could make your own pizza and pick out your own toppings. I always chose the basics, like pepperoni or maybe hamburger, but my brother would always go for something new, like pineapple. We sat and ate our seaside pizza as we watched the sunset. That day was pretty filling, so we went to bed exhausted. 

     Day 2 of the cruise was also very fun. It was Christmas Eve, and we went shopping on the lower hulls of the ship. There were beautiful glass elevators that brought us to multiple levels of a mall-like place. There was a casino and a bar, too.

     “Let's go to the gift shop,” my mom said. “You guys can go, I’m gonna stay at the claw machine,” my brother said, eager to win a prize. As we walked to the gift shop, an old lady stopped me. “Do you want something to remember this cruise?” she asked me. She pulled out a trophy she won on the cruise and gave it to me. “Thank you so much,” I said, and I never saw her again.

     In the gift shop I got two bracelets and a necklace. One bracelet was a charm bracelet with a sea turtle, crab, starfish, and some other ocean animals. The other was a mood bracelet, shaped like a dolphin. The necklace was also in the shape of a dolphin, but it had blue and white gems on it, too.

     That night we went to a fancy restaurant on the boat. We sat next to the water fountain and ate our steaks. We might’ve got more ice cream after, but we went to our room and went to bed soon after.

     Christmas day, or day 3, was the best. We disembarked the boat after we stopped on a small island in Mexico, Cozumel. Throughout the day we went to gift shops, took pictures, tried virgin pina coladas, and swam with dolphins.

     “What’s the dolphins name?” “How old is the dolphin?” These were some questions I heard but paid no attention to because I was caught up in the beauty of the dolphins I was swimming alongside. I pet and kissed the dolphin. She was so smooth.

     “Would you like to feed the dolphin?” the instructor asked, handing me a small octopus. I was the only one that fed her an octopus, everyone else fed her small fish. I clasped onto the slimy septipod and threw it up for the dolphin, who caught it with grace.

     After we got done swimming with porpoises we went snorkeling. We brought underwater cameras so we could take pictures of all the creatures we saw. Some marine life we saw were sea urchins, sting rays, tropical fish, many plants, etc. I inhaled a lot of saltwater, but it was definitely worth it.

     When we were done snorkeling we dried off and boarded the boat again. That night we watched The Grinch on a big TV outside on the deck of the boat, but it started raining so we all had to go inside. Instead, we watched The Grinch in our room, whilst eating ice cream.    

     Day 4 we started heading back. It was like the other days before: eating pizza, swimming, icecream, all that jazz. We ate at the fancy restaurant again, except it was almost my sister’s birthday, so we celebrated early. She got a cake and the waiters sang happy birthday to her. It was very exciting.

     Our last day was day 5. The days were yet again alike, but that night we watched Jurassic Park. I met a couple new friends, and we watched the movie in a hot tub together. At the end of the movie I went and sat with my mom, and we ate popcorn and savored our last day before our 14 hour drive back home.

     “That was so fun,” we all commented when we started our trip back home. “I’m glad you got to experience that,” my mom kept commenting. This cruise was very special to me because I got to spend a lot of time bonding with my family, and I’m very glad I got to do something fun for Christmas.