Quotes 2017

Class Quote: Write a poem about it.


Biz Markie: You got what I need. 


Gary: (After being notified of fire alarm testing) This would be the perfect time to burn down the building.


Jade: Monks are God’s janitors.


Jenessa: Can I start even though I lost it?


Sara: (while pointing at eyes) What do you call these? Your eyeholes?

Gary: I call them my eyes.

Sara: No. Just imagine if your eyes weren’t there.


Abby W.: Is grey dark white or light black?


Evy: I picked you. XOXO -Death.


Jade: Gnome-body cares.


Liv: We are goodly written.


Evy: I don’t know if my nonfiction counts as nonfiction because I made it all up.


Gary: There are a lot of things about me that are very pretty.


Abby C.: (to Jenessa) I think you’re too short!


Gary: (to Hallie about her baby, Adeline) Well done.


Zoey: I’ve rambled on for about 6 pages now. I should probably find a point.


Gary:  I’m an attention black hole.


Jade: (to Gary) The haircut and the messenger bag make you look like a midlife crisis.


Gary: Everyday is fine if you look through a fine lens.


Sara: I own America and so do you! (points at Gary)


Evy: You know you’re in creative writing when you’re all standing in the back of a pickup next to a cemetery.

Gary: At 11:42.


Sara: This looks creepy. We got out of a van with a forty year old man in a gas station in Bertrand.


Zoey: 4 lines: a couplet but twice.


Sara: (standing in front of crowd to read her poem) This means a lot to me and I just really want you all to be supportive. (starts reading poem) “Toast, Slice, Butter…”


Gary: (Liv points nose at Hope) Is that pointing?

Liv: Yeah, with my nose. She knows.


Tessa: Remove your hand from my leg before I remove your head.


Gary: (As he leaves room) When I return I will still be wearing shoes.


Liv: sapnu puas


Sara: When technology fails you, get a pigeon.


Jade: I’m a competitive milk chugger.


Gary: There’s a chapter in her book called Crappy First Drafts.

Sara: So it’s about your poetry?


Zoey: Death needs to be able to come off my wrist.


Jade: I have jalepeno up my nose.


Evy: Well, I guess I could kill somebody…


Hope: That’s not pervy; that’s drugs.


Zoey: Can you have any confidence as a writer?

Evy: If you do, you’re not doing it right.


Liv: Put some daddy issues in there.


Gary: (Zoey gets up to write a quote on the board) Where are you going?

Zoey: To write myself down.


Abby W.: My foot forgot how to be a foot.


Maddie: Anybody want to read a pig story?


Evy: I’m making myself emo over here.


Abby W.: I want to friend punch a lot of people.

Sara: That sounds like French punch.

Liv: I think that’s more of a mouth thing.

Evy: I’ll French punch you with my tongue.


Jade: Fight Club.


Avery: Is this one of those pens that when you squish it the eyes pop out? (squishes Sara’s pen) Oh, yeah.


Gary: The past tense of squint is annoying. Squinted.

Jade: Squont.

Abby W.: Squant.


Sara: (class standing in Abby W.’s pickup outside a flower shop) The things we do for 11:42.


Jade: (to Gary) You have a pity laugh.

Gary: All my laughs are pity laughs. (he laughs)

Liv: Did you just pity laugh for yourself?


Hope: I want to go hunting for a man!


Gary: These quotes are crap.