Jenessa Landin 2017

Poem:     "Happiness"

After "What Kinds of Times Are These"

Poem:     "The Trigger"

Story:      "Enlightenment"

Poem:     "No Power"



The cheers of young children at play,             

an ice cream sundae on a scorching summer day.




Butterflies fluttering in your stomach,

fresh flowers on an early spring morning,  

a rainbow after a light rain.




Bringing happiness to someone else

is all of these things but so much more.



The Trigger

The hunter slightly squeezes the trigger,

the doe is in his sights.

A beautiful , golden speckled fawn bounds towards its mama.

The hunter releases the trigger and

turns to walk away.




     Ms. Cate’s voice slowly fades out as Sabyn enters her own world. She grips the desk and begins to give herself a pep talk. You’re an amazing entrepreneur. Nobody is better than you, and nobody can tell you what to do because you are your own boss.  You can do anything you set your mind to. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. No matter what people tell you, keep on dreaming.

     “Sabyn? Sabyn? Please stand and tell us your story.” Ms. Cate says. Snapping out of her daze, Sabyn stands to tell the group why she was attending the meeting.

     “Hi, everyone. My name is Sabyn, and I’m an entrepreneur. I’m selling grass string. Your kids will love it. Braid it, tie it, cut it, pull it and much, much more. Only six payments of twenty-nine ninety-five! I’m here because my therapist thinks I need to get into the real world. I don’t even know what that means.”

     She sits down as her large counseling group responds with the practiced, “Thank you, Sabyn.” The group instructor stands up, walks over to Sabyn, and puts her hands on Sabyn’s shoulders.

     She swivels around, nearly hitting Ms. Cate. “Sorry!” Sabyn exclaims.

     Chuckling to herself, Ms. Cate walks around Sabyn, “I think that you have a lot of potential, but if you want to become an extraordinary entrepreneur, you might want to tweak a few things.”

     “What do you mean? I’m already an amazing entrepreneur.” Sabyn argues.

     “Oh, Sabyn, I mean that you’re a bit enthusiastic for a beginner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I believe you should calm down the obnoxiousness.”

     Sabyn looks crestfallen. “You think I’m obnoxious? I just have an outgoing personality,” Sabyn explains. She takes a look around her, realizing that the majority of people have started to nod their heads in agreement with Ms. Cate.

     Soon, they start chiming in with comments like, “She’s right”, “Maybe something does need to be done” and “Don’t take it too personally.”

     “Well I just… maybe...I mean...” She turns pale as tears spring into her eyes. After a few minutes of thinking, she begins to speak. “I admit that I may not be the most agreeable person. I have overdone it but that is what being a successful business woman is. You must be loud and boisterous to have an outgoing personality that customers are drawn to. I do see what you mean but thank you for being supportive and giving me your opinions.” Sabyn smiles and stands up. “I’ll see you all next week!” She then walks confidently out of the room.



No Power


A gentle breeze rustled through the wheat field.

I felt lost without the morning birds singing.

Where were they, I wondered.

A man tossed fowl corpses in a pick up.

Stomping up to the man, I demanded to know what he was doing.

He tells me he’s hunting and shows me the permit.

Silently I walk away.

No wonder my beautiful singing birds

are not out today.