Zoey Evans 2019

Story:     "Suburban Days"

Story:     "Childish Ways"

Poem:    "Sleep"

Story:    "Nature Walk"

After "Belief in Magic"



Suburban Days


     Warm air picks up the loose dry dirt and blows it across the western horizon. The coyotes started bawling and the alarm clock rooster awoke the peaceful village. The sun stretched over the hill like a yawn, reaching out to every building, bathing it in the golden glow. Blue Jays sang their morning songs, filling empty, cobblestone streets. Sunshine poured into the kitchen window, lit up the beautiful oak cabinets and eggshell colored tile.

     Moms poke their heads out of the windows, soaking up fresh air and silence before the children awoke. This is a very rare time when everywhere there is silence and peace. It doesn’t last. Children begin filing into  streets bringing giggling voices of youth and joy. Every boy and girl playing tag along the rows of houses that lined the streets. The parents give their beloved child a hug and a kiss on the forehead before reviewing the nannies the schedule for the week. After one last goodbye they head off to work.

     As the adults are at work fighting crime or saving lives, the children at home beg for a few more minutes to be in the sun even if it is time for lunch. Nannies agree just to see the satisfied look on their charge’s youthful complexion.

     As the sun rolls farther across the sky,  parents grow more weary and want to see their energetic children playing. When the dinner table has been set, the front door opens and excited voices walk in. Children run to see their parents after a whole day without them. They sit down to enjoy the warm meal that the nanny creates for them.They share what had happened throughout the day; good and bad. The children share their exciting day of playing and having fun outside. After bellies are filled the children head off to the bathroom to brush teeth and comb hair. Daughters sit on the floor while mothers pull their hair into delicate braids that hang down at their shoulders. When the sun has reached the horizon line it’s time to go to bed.  Children climb into bed while their parents prepare to read their choice of bedtime stories. The stories that tell them to chase their dreams and to follow their hearts in whatever path life takes them are their favorites. Once “the end” is said the children are already fast asleep. Visions of princes and princesses dance in their minds telling them to follow their dreams even if flying to pluto was a little extreme. Their parents flash a weary smile and go to their own bed where they quickly fall asleep, but keep the thought of the day starting all over tomorrow.


Childish Ways


         The silence is coming and there is no way to prevent it. They both poke their head into my room and say a short goodbye that stays with me longer than it should. I plead for my parents not to leave, but it's no use  we are completely out of milk. I follow them all the way to the front door like a dog begging for its owners not to leave. I watch the front door shut, hear the car engine rumble to life. The car lights flicker to a beam. The reality of being alone slowly sinks deep down into my bones and the thoughts that come with it makes my whole body shiver. I turn around only to see the darkness that is my house and the shadows that creep up the walls and consume anything that comes into contact with their path. The light switch that is all the way across the dark room is just too far away to risk my safety. My eyes drift from the  switch to the dark hallway. My bedroom is the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to get through the monster that is the dark. The monster that is the silence that has overtaken the darkness. Has left me to survive with only the sound of my thoughts floating in my brain. The silence that is creating images I have never thought to think of before now. My heart rate speeds up and My breath quickens. It’s now or never.  I run across the smooth hardwood floor as fast as my sock covered feet will allow me, my heart thumping loudly against my chest and my breath not  released until I am in that room. I run through the narrow doorway, slamming the door behind me. A giant exhale leaving my lungs, like an overflowing lake finally being able to let out  water. I quickly tip toe over to bed and throw my body under the thick fluffy cover with only my eyes above the shelter to keep lookout. A slow creak comes from underneath my bedroom door. The wind howling outside travels through the walls and the overgrown tree branch scrapes against the window. I scrunch up a little more underneath my covers and take hold of them in a death grip.I stay like that and shiver. I hear a muffled door shut and footsteps slowly sneak up to my room. They stop right in front of my bedroom. The silver handle slowly turns and the door swings open. I cover my face before the monster outside can  get to me. I let out a shriek as the beast comes toward me. I could only see the silhouette of its body through the threads of my blanket. A chill forms along my spine. My teeth began to chatter. The shadow lunges at me jumping on my bed.. I slowly peek over my covers to see them. They stand in my doorway, a jug of milk in hand, laughing at the trace of fright still left in my eyes. Reassurance washes over my face like ocean tides over rock. The racing thoughts and silence leave. There is no reason to be afraid.




Where does your brain drift off to

When you close your eyes at night

Do you go past the skies of blue

Or do go towards very bright light


What do you dream of during this indecisive thing

Maybe you dream of wearing a diamond ring

Or is it not like that at all

Is it a horrific dream

Where zombies and monsters chase you

Or your biggest fear comes to life

So what is going to sleep for you?


Could you explain what you see

When you drift off to that far off place

Is that when your brain clocks out of work for the night

Goes home to children and a wife

Is that where your brain goes when you fall asleep

Or does it just stay there with you all night

Doesn’t move and doesn’t fight

Maybe it just stays there and puts on a smile

As you drift off to sleep your brain says Goodnight

Nature Walk


         When I step outside the fresh summer air spills into my lungs. My nose fills with the aroma of wildflowers, carried by cool breezes. The ground that the grass has not yet claimed is being transformed to mud from the morning dew. The sky above my head makes me feel free, limitless as the open blue. Puddles form along the sidewalk from the previous days rain. Puddles show over hanging trees reflecting vibrantly, a mirror lined forest. Farther along the sidewalk, cracks form. Nothing is perfect in this world you just have to accept. At the pond, swans reach out their elegant necks, white as snow feathers flowing down their back. Water forms beads along their feathered covered bellies. Geese honk their own language at us,  even yelling as they glide across dazzling emerald water. Birds swoop across the water’s surface, dancing on the lawn. An old man fishes off the dock. Everything is at peace.