The idea of the Art Matters project arose from our schools’ interest in art, culture and artistic creation. Our schools stand out for appreciating, and educating, through artistic training and expression. The Erasmus+ programme gave us the opportunity and the funds to fulfil this purpose through a project that uses art as a tool to promote the protection of European cultural heritage.

The collaboration of four European partners from Spain, Poland, Italy and Belgium made it possible to launch this project for the development of art and artistic expression.

As a result of this work in the schools, the participants have created striking artworks. With their drawings and paintings, on the one hand, the authors wanted all citizens to appreciate and feel proud of the richness of their heritage.

Besides, they have also tried to raise awareness of its fragility and the threats it has to face. Real threats such as armed conflict, climate change or mere neglect. They have tried to imagine the effect of these threats and have captured them in their works. It is a direct and realistic art because they understand that the most important thing is that this message reaches the public so that we can act before it is too late. In many of their works, the artists have depicted a catastrophic and desolate vision. Hopefully, this will help to prevent these images from becoming reality.

In addition, collective works in stained glass, majolica ceramic tiles, glass platters and trays of fused Murano glass are on display, which have resulted from the workshops in which they have shared artistic techniques, and which have also served to show the variety of different forms of creative expression and the collaboration necessary to keep them alive.

This project has brought together people from schools in four European countries. We have learned artistic training, but also values such as respect for the preservation of European cultural heritage.

We have also insisted on inclusion, since all the participants have their place in the exhibition, because this reaffirms the power of art as a tool for inclusion.

Moreover, in order to work for its protection, we must all work together. Joining forces and involving the whole of society is the best way to guarantee the safeguard of our heritage. Our mission to protect it will be easier if we feel proud of our heritage. This is a task for all citizens who must appreciate artistic and cultural heritage as a symbol of economic development, social well-being and a sense of pride in European identity and values.

These views invite us to imagine our heritage, but they also encourage us not to neglect its protection. Let us reflect on the artists’ vision and also enjoy their art.

It matters to us to care and preserve our heritage. Art Matters.

The ART MATTERS project has been funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Who we are

Participants in the ART MATTERS Erasmus+ project

Zespół Szkół Plastycznych · Dąbrowa Górnicza ·

Liceo Chiabrera Martini · Savona

Athénée Royal De Rixensart-Wavre · Rixensart

I.E.S. Reino Aftasí · Badajoz

What we've done

We are proud of what we have been doing together:

  • peer learning in exchanges of students and teachers

  • learning in diverse European schools

  • artistic workshops

  • meeting artists

  • getting to know the European cultural heritage

  • being involved in the protection of our Cultural Heritage

  • creating artworks

  • an exhibition in a professional gallery


We want to thank

  • Erasmus+ programme for the funding of this project


  • Diputación de Badajoz for funding of the art catalogue and the opportunity to exhibit our work in the wonderful gallery of Sala Vaquero Poblador


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.