Canteen Information & Menu

Breakfast club tariff:

Chocolate twist/Pan au chocolate £1.20

Slice of toast/Crumpet (butter and jam optional) 55p

Piece of fruit 55p

Sausage roll £1.20

Belgium waffles with sauce and mallows, or chocolate drops £1.70

Assorted mini muffins/small cookie 60p

Break 1 tariff:

Sausage roll £1.20

Assorted toasties £1.20

Assorted panini £1.20

Toasted, filled bagel £1.20

Hash browns £1.20 (GF)

Bacon roll £1.20

Bacon baguette £1.90

Egg and bacon muffin £1.30

Bagel pizza £1.20

Cheese topped garlic bread £1.20

Break 2 tariff:

Main meal £2.00 (example; Pork and apple yorkshire pudding wrap with roasted seasonal vegetables) £2.00

Assorted warm chicken wraps £1.90

Large cheeseburger £1.90/Small cheeseburger £1.20

Savoury puff pastry £1.20

Pizza £1.20

Nachos with homemade salsa and cheese £1.20 (GF)

Pasta/rice pots £1.30

‘Posh’ pot noodles £1.30

Jacket potato with one filling £1.20

Jacket potato with two fillings £1.70

Chips/seasoned wedges £1.20

Chiller tariff:

Assorted sandwiches (one filling) £1.20

Filled cold baguettes £1.90

Fruit pot £1.00

Cold dessert 95p

Veggie sticks 60p

Assorted Jellies 60p GF

Assorted milkshakes 80p

Small assorted drink cartons 55p

Small plain/flavoured water 70p

Large plain water 90p

Large flavoured water £1.05

Cake tariff:

Large cupcakes £1.20

Traybakes 95p

Assorted large cookies 95p

Small cookie 60p

Pudding of the day 95p

Meal deals:

Any £1.20 item, small cookie/veggie sticks/jelly.muffin and small drink £2.45

Any £1.90 item Small drink OR small cookie £2.45

Meal of the day and pudding of the day £2.45

Any £1.20 sandwich, small drink, piece of fruit and small cookie/muffin £2.45