Hawking House

Mrs Goodenough & Mr Biltoo

Head of Hawking House

¡Hola! My name is Mrs Goodenough and I’m one of the MFL teachers at Winton. I love a good competition and believe everyone has the ability to succeed, you just have to believe in yourself. “Never fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things”.

Introducing… Mr. Biltoo, one of the Art teachers here at Winton. You can never knock hard work and determination off course and that is what I want to help develop in you! Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage” and I agree, however I also will say, “You’ve Got This! So roll up your sleeves, put that I CAN attitude in your head and take the opportunity by storm!”

Stephen Hawking was born in January 1942. The English theoretical physicist was diagnosed with ALS in the 1960s and Doctors advised him that he would only live for another 10 years.

Hawking surpassed all medical expectations and went on to live another 50 years, doing so with humour and humility in equal measures and showing the world that even with such a debilitating disease, you can always push through them and achieve your goals!

So, Lights, Camera… ACTION! Your Heads of House for Team Hawking have arrived! It’s time to be unusually brave and own your school days, through learning and fun social activities.

Hawking said, “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet."

So, raise those heads, join the fun, challenge the impossible and let's win this for ourselves and each other!