Mrs A Keenan  - Head of English 

Miss J Noakes - English / Head of Year 8

Mrs C Brown - English

Miss A Keeble - Second in Charge of  English, Reading Coordinator

Mr M Todd - English

Mrs B Harvey - English

Miss M Reeves – English


Mr M Hewitt - Head of maths

Mr A Head - Assistant Headteacher / Maths / Computer Science

Miss M Wilson - Mathematics

Mr D Thieman - Mathematics

Mr N Roberts - Second in Charge of Mathematics

Mr A Berry - Mathematics/ Head of Year 10


Miss R Teal - Head of Science

 Mrs M Chandarana - Science

Mr L Spencer - Science / Head of Year 7

Miss L Dudman  - Science

Mr C Green - Science / Head of Year 9

Mrs L Drayton - Science / Pupil Premium Coordinator

Mr T Dixon - Science 

Animal Care

Mr S Flavell - Lead Teacher of Animal Care

Mrs S Patterson - Animal Care 

Media / Business Studies

Child Development 


Mrs S Webster - Head of Humanities / History

Miss A Webb – History 

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr G Brown - Head of MFL Spanish / French

Mrs H Goodenough  - Spanish

Mr O Wilson - Spanish / French

Physical Education

Mr M Ashworth  - Head of PE 

Mr I Parsons - Deputy Headteacher / PE / Business  Studies

Miss K Frost  - Assistant Headteacher / PE 

Mr D Ryder  - PE / Assistant Head of Years 7 &9


Mr M Lee - Head of Technology / Alternative Curriculum / Graphics / Engineering

Mr G Ameri - Second in Technology / Computer Science

Mr S Flavell - Hospitality & Catering

Mrs S Patterson - Hospitality & Catering


Miss J Oldman - Head of Dance / Drama

Mrs  C Franklin - Assistant Headteacher / Dance

Miss R Whatley – Dance/Drama 


Mr P Biltoo - Head of Art/Design/Photography

Miss S Rais – Art/Photography


Mr R Gooding - Head of Music

Curriculum Support and Student Welfare

Mrs C Gillan – Intervention Support Leader (Nurture) 

Mrs A Bright - Intervention Assistant

Miss L Cook – Intervention Assistant 

Mrs L Lawrence - Intervention Assisstant

Mr J Leslie – Intervention Assistant 

Miss F Shinton – Intervention Assistant 

Miss S Allen – Intervention Assistant 

Mrs P Hughes – Intervention Assistant 

Mrs J Sebon – Family Support Worker

Alternative Internal Provision

Mr B Agnew – Head of Genesis 

Miss M Cooke – Genesis 



Mrs J Lusk - PA to Headteacher 

Mrs S Bance  - Examinations Officer/Data Manager

Mrs J McBride - Cover Administrator

Mrs L Evers - Cover Supervisor

Mrs V Demidova - Cover Supervisor

Mrs R Carter - Receptionist

Mrs K Wileman - SEND Administrator

Mrs K Bradley - Receptionist / First Aider

Mrs J Jeffrey - Receptionist/First Aider

Miss C Thurman - Administrative Assistant 

Network Management

Mr R Elsey - ICT Systems Manager

Science Technician

Mrs N Smith  -  Technician 

Site Staff

Mrs T Envis - Buildings Operations Supervisor

Mr E Weymouth - Buildings Operations Assistant

Mrs M Stratton - Buildings Operations Assistant 

Mr D Jones - Evening Lettings Supervisor