Farah House

Miss Keeble & Mr Roberts

Head of Farah House

Hi my name is Mr Roberts and I am a Mathematics teacher here at Winton. I love to see students challenge themselves with difficult problems and a I CAN Attitude. Maths can take you anywhere as it is the problem solving element we like to use.

Hi, my name is Miss Keeble and I am an English teacher here at Winton. I love to see students exploring and enjoying literature, as well as discussing interesting topics. My students determine the past, present and future!

From humble beginnings in Somalia, arriving in London from Mogadishu at the age of 8 and speaking very little English.

He goes on to become a multiple Olympic, World and European Champion.

 Dedicated to his family, each of his medals was specially dedicated to each of his children.






Together we are your Farrah Heads of house. Our goal is to make your days at school a blast. We want to see you succeed at anything and everything you wish throughout your time with us. Be Brave, Be Remarkable, Be YOU!


‘No matter what, or where you come from, if you work hard at something you can achieve it.’