Student Enrichment Programme

At Unity City Academy we are committed to developing young people who have a determination to succeed, a love of learning, a sense of pride and a strength of character. We wish for all of our young people to become empowered, global citizens who have a determination to improve the world as active and informed citizens. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to provide young people with a range of personalised experiences that allow them to understand their role in contemporary Britain, to build their cultural capital and ultimately to become the community leaders of tomorrow.

Pupils can choose from a range of enrichment offered before and after school. We have engaged with over 78 external providers and internal clubs.

At Unity City Academy we believe that trips and enrichment allow students to develop interests and character skills. We offer a wide range of clubs to suit all tastes, both at lunchtime and after-school. All pupils have the opportunity to take part. We encourage all children to challenge themselves: to learn new skills and uncover hidden talents, to develop skills and work with new people. We encourage all students to make the most of these exciting opportunities, and make suggestions of their own.

In addition to this enrichment, we work with over 78 providers to provide opportunities for our students which extend far beyond the classroom. Please speak to your child’s head of year if you wish to receive more information about this.

Furthermore, in order to enrich students’ lives further pupils can choose to complete some of the 99 things, an enrichment programme developed by the student council which challenges all students to complete 99 different tasks throughout the school year.

This curriculum ensures that students are motivated to participate in a comprehensive programme of enrichment activities that enhance students’ physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and physical and mental well-being through competition, play and enjoyment. Building resilience, confidence and independence; enabling students to develop and discover their interests and talents, best preparing them for future success.

Enrichment activities include:

Sporting activities: e.g. rugby, football, netball, hockey, cricket and athletics to name a few

Clubs: e.g. chess, board games, choir, Maths club, and homework club, Duke of Edinburgh and CCF

Break time and lunchtime activities: e.g. dodgeball, badminton, team games, debate club

Year Team events: e.g. Y11 ‘Tough Mudder’ and sports day.

Subject Specific Clubs; e.g. Humanities Film Club, Eco Warriors, International Film Club and Tenner Challenge­­

Please click here to view the enrichment calendar. In addition, pupils can chose to complete some of the 99 things, an enrichment programme developed by the student council.