At the end of their Mathematical education in Unity City Academy, each student will be able:

· To perform basic numeracy skills

· To perform the basic mathematical skills needed in his/her chosen career or for entry to higher or further mathematical education

· To understand the mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life

· To reason clearly and logically, and to set out a rational argument

· To identify patterns encountered in diverse situations and to extrapolate from these

· To approach problems systematically, choosing appropriate techniques for their solution

· To follow logical instructions clearly expressed

· To experience satisfaction in and enjoyment of his/her mathematical achievements

· To obtain any formal mathematical qualifications needed for his/her chosen career

· To obtain his/her best possible results at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

In addition, we hope that students will acquire the logical abilities characteristic of a mathematician.

Key Stage 3

In year 7, 8 and 9 every student will follow the AET SOW, a programme developed in line with the national curriculum and that has the mastery of maths at the heart of it. We use assessments to find pupils gaps in knowledge which allows teachers to tailor the teaching to individually suit the pupils needs. We run interventions across all year groups to ensure that no child falls behind as we appreciate they may just need more support / or time to understand new more complex concepts.

Key Stage 4

Every student follows the Edexcel SOW that seamlessly prepares them to take a GCSE qualification in mathematics. The tier of entry that they undertake is dependent upon their attainment maths. (Foundation level allows students to achieve up to a grade 5 and Higher level up to a grade 9).

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Within the Mathematics department there are a number of opportunities for students to further their mathematical problem solving skills and logical ability. In Year 7 & 8 and again in Year 10 they take part in the UK Mathematics Challenge. Unity City will be involved with Newcastle University in an annual Maths challenge and the school has ties with the Further Maths Support Programme who hold an annual Maths Feast competition at Teesside |University. Last year our gifted and talented pupils in Year 7 were given the opportunity to attend Maths Masterclass workshops at Teesside University. We run a maths Puzzle solving & Sudoku Club on a Friday lunchtime.

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