Science is a subject which encourages students to be inquisitive and to investigate the world around them. The Science Department at Unity City Academy provide our students with a stimulating and challenging learning environment where they can develop the critical and investigative skills needed to achieve their goals in this key subject.

We believe in a classroom where students feel valued and supported in every aspect of their learning. Through a curriculum of teaching which is tailored to suit every pupil, we ensure each student has the support and assistance needed to be successful in their science GCSE and beyond. We aim to make topics colourful and interesting, encouraging students to share and discuss their viewpoints and aim to inspire a future passion for science in our young people.

The science department consists of six dedicated science teachers, a full time technician and a higher level teaching assistant. Each teacher works from their own fully equipped laboratory; where there is a wealth of practical equipment on hand to be used during practical tasks.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and 8 students follow the AQA science syllabus which allows students to build big ideas, achieve mastery goals and be fully equipped for success at GCSE. Topics included within Key Stage 3 are wide ranging; including electromagnets, organisms, ecosystems, matter, the earth and forces. Thematic weeks are also integrated into these years; these weeks allow students to study science in a real world context.

Key Stage 4

In Years 9, 10, and 11 students follow the AQA combined science route. The aim of these courses is to inspire and challenge students of all abilities and aspirations. When students follow the trilogy route they work to achieve a double science award, equivalent to two GCSEs. Topics covered within the AQA GCSE syllabus include; cell biology, organisation, atomic structure, periodic table, forces and electricity.

Extracurricular activities

A range of activities take place throughout the year within the department, including a weekly STEM club and KS4 drop in. To ensure academic success holiday catch up sessions and after school intervention take place; alongside trips to inspire and motivate students. Regular events are also held for local primary schools where they can utilise the experience of our science staff and use our excellent facilities.

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