English (Language and Literature)

Within the English department we aim to inspire, motivate and engage all students. Our vision is to strive for excellence with the goal of equipping all pupils with the necessary tools, insight, skills and confidence to follow their dreams and become part of the machinery that drives Middlesbrough forward in the future.

Students are immersed in the context of their English Literature texts during years 7 and 8 and embark on a journey with the English department as they follow a five year key stage four programme of study. This equips them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed by embedding key skills through their early years at the Academy and encouraging students to master them in the final two years.

English Language

In this course students study a range of reading material (both fiction and non-fiction texts) and develop skills to analyse and evaluate 19th, 20th and 21st-century passages. Furthermore, in this unit of study students develop skills to analyse, evaluate and compare non-fiction extracts.

Students will also enhance their writing skills through both imaginative and transactional writing tasks and will learn how to to engage the reader through a variety of forms, purposes and audiences. The accurate use of spelling, punctuation and grammar is also a requirement of this unit of study.

English Literature

As part of their English Literature course, students will study a Shakespeare play (Romeo and Juliet), a post-1914 British play (An Inspector Calls), a 19th-century novel (A Christmas Carol) and a poetry collection from the AQA Poetry Anthology. Through the study of these texts they will develop skills to analyse how the language, form, structure and context of texts can create meanings and effects. Students will also develop skills to maintain a critical style and informed personal response and learn comparison skills.

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