HAT Students

At Unity City Academy we believe in personalised education so that all our students can reach their potential. We seek to provide learning opportunities for all abilities across a range of curriculum areas so that talents can be nurtured in many areas of school life. Our provision for higher attaining students may come through specific, planned opportunities in lessons, at home or through extra-curricular activities.

As an inclusive Academy we believe that the HAT students should be provided not only with differentiated work to challenge and stretch their abilities, but also that their learning should impact positively on their peers, raising attainment throughout the Academy. For example, students may lead mixed ability group learning opportunities, feedback their knowledge to the class or take part in investigations at their own level.

Our identification strategy will make use of hard data and also draw on a wider range of qualitative evidence e.g.

  • KS2 data
  • Regular academy key assessment data across a range of subject areas
  • Teacher observation and assessment
  • In school tests and external examinations
  • Reports from previous schools
  • Information provided by external agencies (e.g. sports organisations, music tutors, etc.)

Throughout the year students participate in a number of exciting enrichment activities both locally and nationally. These include visits to colleges and universities, guest speakers and taking part in national educational events and competitions. Please download our HAT policy for more details or contact Mr S Daley within the Academy.