Our School Uniform

All children wear our school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school organised events during and outside normal school hours (e.g. swimming, school visits as required). 

 Children wear their school uniform to show that they belong to Anglesey Primary Academy. 

Wearing school uniform is important because it

School Uniform Information

Jewellery  - To prevent jewellery being lost or damaged or injuries occurring due to the wearing of jewellery, children should not wear jewellery to school. If children have pierced ears, small stud earrings are acceptable, however, they must be removed or covered with a plaster for PE. NO EARRINGS ARE ALLOWED FOR SWIMMING LESSONS.

Footwear  - The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults. We believe that it is dangerous for children to wear shoes that have platform soles or high heels. Children should not wear such shoes to school as they are inappropriate. Our school uniform is black shoes but children can wear appropriate trainers if they are plain, black in style. No brightly coloured shoes or trainers are allowed. At the discretion of parents, we advise that children wear footwear to school with fastenings they can cope with e.g. many younger children will need Velcro style fastenings. 

Physical Education (PE) - Children should have a PE bag in school which contains a pair of PE pumps or trainers, a white polo shirt or plain, white  t-shirt and a pair of black shorts or jogging bottoms. Children may also have a longer sleeved top for outdoor PE sessions.  If children have pierced ears, small stud earrings are acceptable, but must be removed or covered with a plaster for PE to prevent them from causing injury.

Children in Year 4 have swimming lessons at a local swimming pool. Parents will be informed by letter with a list of expected attire for swimming. Boys should wear tight shorts or swimming trunks and girls should wear a one piece swimming suit or a one piece swimming suit, leggings and long-sleeved top. 

 Nails and Make-up -  The wearing of false nails and/or nail varnish is not permitted. Nails should be kept clean and short. Children should not wear make-up to school, it is inappropriate. 

Hair - We recognise children’s individuality which is sometimes expressed in their haircuts and/or styles. However, please remember that when children attend school, haircuts and/or styles should be practical. 

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Updated Septemeber 2023