Start Of School

Please note that ALL children must be on the academy premises before the first bell at 8.50am.

All children should be brought onto the playgrounds before the academy starts. The teachers will collect the children from the playgrounds when the bell goes.

Parents are asked not to come into the academy.

At the end of the day, children are brought to the playground by their teacher to be collected by their parents.

Please note that children must not be left on the playground before 8.30am under any circumstances.

After 8.30am, teachers are on duty on the playgrounds but can only take responsibility for children once they pass the inner gate.

Please do not leave Reception or KS1 children unattended around the academy, including on the playground. Staff out on the path are available to meet parents.


If you're worried about something online, just click the picture above and fill out the form. It will send a message to your teacher who can then help you out.

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