Behaviour Policy

Behaviour is good at Anglesey because we work hard to ensure that everyone understands what is expected. We encourage children to make the right choices and we talk calmly to the children about the consequences of their choices. We have a clear behaviour system which all staff implement. We focus on rewards and praise .

Children look forward to our regular 'Remarkable Lives' assemblies, where they are chosen by staff for the positive contributions they have made during the week in relation to our four key values.

We work closely with parents to encourage a positive partnership when promoting and maintaining good behaviour. Our Behaviour Policy was written in consultation with pupils, staff and our Parent Community Advisory Board. It is based on rights, responsibilities and respect. In the policy, we recognise that praise, rewards, privileges, and positive role-modelling support the development of self-discipline and the capacity to make positive choices.

Behaviour Policy June 2020-2021

Our Values Our 5 Golden Rules

At Anglesey Primary Academy we have five golden rules that are core to our values as a school. The Golden Rules are revisited with the pupils on a regular basis through everyday interactions, assemblies, lessons and PSHE.

Our Golden Rules are:

  • We will follow directions from all adults

  • We will use kind words and have kind hands and kind feet

  • We will walk sensibly and quietly in the corridors

  • We will always try our best to be good learners

  • We will look after our school

Policy Vision and Aims

Anglesey Primary Academy is an attachment aware school which means we focus on positive relationships for all. We support children in forming positive working and social relationships. We understand that part of our role, in partnership with home, is to help pupils to understand what is right and wrong.

We are committed to the emotional mental health and well-being of our pupils, staff and parents and carers. Our school treats all children with unconditional respect and has high expectations for both adults’ and children’s learning and social behaviours. We understand that positive behaviour can be taught and needs to be modelled. We also understand that some behaviours can signal a need for support which we will provide without diluting our expectations.

  • To maintain a caring, orderly community in which effective learning can take place and where there is mutual respect between members

  • To help children develop a sense of worth, identity and achievement

  • To help all children to become self-disciplined, able to accept responsibility for their own actions and make positive achievements

  • To develop in all children the ability to listen to others; cooperate and to appreciate other ways of thinking and behaving

  • To promote an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure


At Anglesey, we have adopted one main system of rewarding pupils - Class Dojo. It is a consistent approach for encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of ‘dojos’. Dojos may be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and relate to our 5 Golden Rules and Academy Values. For example: particularly good work or effort, displaying good manners, displaying a caring attitude towards others, being focused and on task, listening carefully.

A ‘dojo’ can be awarded by any staff member to any child at any time. Dojo points are tracked by the class teacher and the whole class through the class dojo software. Upon reaching a certain milestone children may exchange their dojos for a prize. The children can also earn collaborative class points. The total number of class points per year will be checked every two weeks and the class with the highest number of dojo points will get a class treat!

Parents are encouraged to monitor and help motivate their child to earn Dojos by making good choices at school. An app is available and offered to all parents at the start of the academic year.

Other Rewards

  • Remarkable Lives Assembly - Teachers nominate a child to receive a certificate

  • Praise postcards and notes home

  • Recognition board in classes

  • Attendance rewards to the class in each year group with the best attendance as well as termly attendance rewards for individuals and a prize draw at the end of the year for children with outstanding attendance

  • Reading Rocket badges for children who read at home regularly

  • ‘Top Table’ awards for children who behave well, showing kindness, respect and good manners at lunchtimes


At Anglesey, we provide opportunities for children to recover their behaviour and, where necessary, use appropriate consequences which will support them to do this. All children are unique individuals and it is important to understand that there is no 'one size fits all' approach to managing inappropriate behaviour. Teachers utilise a range of strategies appropriate to the situation and the individual child. The behaviour policy clearly outlines a range of consequences that may be used to support children in improving and changing poor behaviour, for example, quietly speaking to the child and reminding them of the correct behaviour, expectations or rules, reflection time in class or another class, expecting work to be completed at playtime, lunchtime or at home, verbal or written apologies.

Updated November 2019