About Us

We are very pleased to welcome you and your family to Anglesey Primary Academy. We want to work very closely with all our families. We see our role as partners in educating your child. At Anglesey Primary Academy, we have a dedicated, enthusiastic and talented team of staff who are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum. We want your children to develop socially and academically, whilst remaining happy, safe, and keen to come to Anglesey Primary Academy.

We are passionate about being at Anglesey Primary Academy, and look forward to developing good working relationships so that your child benefits. At Anglesey Primary Academy, every day counts. We hope that you find the information on this website both informative, and enjoyable to view. If you have queries about any aspect of school life, do not hesitate to ask our staff in the main office, who will be willing to help.

Mission Statement and Vision

Anglesey Primary Academy is a sought after and respected place of learning and well being, which is committed to giving every child opportunities to achieve their full potential through well trained and highly motivated staff.

Ethos and Values

At Anglesey Primary Academy, we constantly endeavour to create a welcoming, secure and stable environment. Only then can we successfully achieve our aims and help the children reach their full potential.

At Anglesey Primary Academy, we aim to:

  • encourage active partnership between home, academy, and the community, and their participation in all aspects of academy life;
  • raise standards and achievement through high expectations;
  • offer equal opportunities to all children and staff regardless of gender, religion, race, or any other special needs;
  • provide, through the statutory requirements, a wide range of broadly-based experiences appropriate to individual needs so as to enable every child to realise his or her potential;
  • provide a secure and stimulating environment to enable each child to develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally;
  • provide a curriculum that reflects and celebrates the cultural diversity of our society;
  • provide opportunities for the professional development of staff within a supportive framework.

A Multicultural Place

Anglesey is an amazing and special place. We have children from many diverse backgrounds, speaking a number of different languages. As an academy we celebrate this diversity. Our specialist EAL team are trained in our main languages and support children, parents and staff, as well as assessing children in their first language. They also ensure that all children develop their grasp of English as a language as quickly as possible.

Our academy is well equipped with appropriate resources to support all our children and their diverse cultural and religious experiences and backgrounds are reflected in the curriculum and activities that the academy organises.