Meet the Team


Mrs Hedley

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Slattery

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Newcombe

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Howarth


Mrs Moss

Miss Glover


Mrs Bayles (RB)

EYFS Leader

Mrs Pritchard

Mrs Somerville

Year 1

Miss Jones (1J)

Miss Brown (1B)

M Owen

Year 2

Miss Arnold (2A)

S Kausar

H Nettel

Mr Page (4P)

Year 3

Miss Showell (3S)

Miss Barlow (2B)

Mrs Shaw

Year 4

Mrs Bashir (3B)

Miss Brown

Z Ibrahim

Year 5

Miss Davidson (4D)

A Langfield

J Downes

Year 6

Miss Alam (2K)

Miss Smith

Mrs Howarth

List of Support Staff

Teaching Assistants


Mrs Wright

Mrs Hackett

Mrs Bradley

Year 1

Mr George

Mrs Walters

Miss McCree

Year 2

Miss Morris

Mrs Mander

Miss Faulding

Year 3

Mrs Richards

Mrs Kayani

Year 4

Mrs Khanhom

Mrs Butler

Year 5

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Fatima

Year 6

Miss Campbell

Mrs Khwaja

Mrs Alison Rhodes

Other Support Staff

Mrs Relf - SEND Coordinator

Mrs Musgrave-Walton - Pastoral Leader

Mrs Smith - Pastoral TA

Mrs Castree - Library Resource Manager

Administration and Office Team

Mrs Ayling - Admin Manager/Principal's P.A & Attendance clerical officer.

Mrs Khan - Admin Assistant

Mrs Heape - Admin Assistant

Site and Estates Staff

Mr McRobbie - School facilities manager

Mr Brown - School facilities manager

Mrs Jeffry - Janitor


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Bi

Mrs Bowler

Miss Dobaczewska

Mrs Elijah

Mrs Hollingworth

Mrs Hussain

Miss McCree

Miss Pocsi

Mrs Walters

Mrs Walters

Ms Khan

Miss King

Miss Skachill

Kitchen Staff (Hutchinsons)

Mrs Aisthorpe

Mrs Jeffery

Mrs Sellars

Mrs Seagrave

Mrs Wood

Ms Saunders

Ms Clarke


Cleaning Staff (Cleantec)

Mrs Booth

Mrs Disney

Mrs Hollingworth

Mrs Sanders

Miss Posci

Ms Idris

Ms Edris

Ms Robinson

Updated October 2023