We use the AET Mastery Flow for Science to support teachers’ planning of quality science lessons. Science lessons are covered through the projects and scientific enquiry is also delivered through the Cornerstones Love to Investigate scheme. Some projects have a science focus, and others will have less of a scientific emphasis. Teachers deliver at least one science lesson per week and more where the project is more heavily weighted towards science.

Science is taught weekly and has been mapped to the projects for each year group. In some cases, science is taught discretely.

For Science, we have identified the curriculum end points in relation to our Curriculum Drivers i.e. what a Year 6 scientist looks like. Our Curriculum End Points for Science and Science Curriculum overview can be viewed below:

This year we achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM). Schools that achieve PSQM demonstrate commitment and expertise in science leadership, teaching and learning.

Science Curriculum Overview
Science Drivers and End Points