Curriculum Intent

Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) Curriculum Vision

To provide our pupils with a wide body of knowledge, skills and an exceptional character to live a remarkable life.

Our Curriculum Intent for Anglesey

At Anglesey, we truly embrace and celebrate the diverse communities that make up our school family. Through our inclusive values, we will nurture and foster the unique experiences our children and families bring to stretch and deepen our children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world through engaging and creative cross-curricular learning opportunities. We celebrate the thirty-three different languages spoken and intend for each and every child to learn and express themselves creatively together, to discover what’s possible.

Our Curriculum Drivers are:

Express - We want children to be able to communicate effectively, discuss, debate and explain their thinking.

Create - We want children to justify, think independently and present their understanding in creative ways.

Strive - We want children to have enquiring minds, be confident, resilient and independent.

Connect - We want children to make connections between prior knowledge and their current learning. We want them to make connections within their own community and the wider world.

Please view our Curriculum Intent document for further detail.

Currciulum Intent.pdf

Updated November 2019