Senior Phase Pathway Planning

St Machar Academy

Welcome to St Machar Academy's Pathway Planning website

This website should provide you with all information to support Pathway Planning/Senior Phase Subject Choice whether you are a pupil, parent or other adult providing advice to a young person. Browse through the links below to help support the subject choice process.

Senior Phase Subject Choice (2020/21) Timeline

Information Assemblies

S3 - Monday 9th February

S4/S5 -Monday 9th March

Subject Choice Deadlines

S3 - Friday 28th February

S4/S5 -Friday 20th March

Consultation Periods

After forms are issued, pupils will receive advice and guidance from Subject Teachers and Guidance Teachers, about the next steps in their pathway planning. All learners should ensure they seek advice and answers to any questions they may have about course choice.

New courses begin

Monday 1st June

Changing Courses (due to exam results)

Monday 17th August - Friday 21st August

No subject changes will take place after Friday 21st August

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