BLOK is an educational project which aims to update the curriculum in order to work the key competences in compulsory

This project has been promoted and guided by Nafarroako Ikastolen Elkartea: NIE (The association of Basques Schools of Navarre)

 - This project started in 2008.

 - The School Board of Navarre (Consejo Escolar de Navarra) choose this project as the best pedagogical project of the Comunity of Navarre in 2013.

 - The School Board of Spain (Consejo Escolar de España) awarded this project in 2013.

 - BLOK is since 2015 the leader partner of KEYCOLAB: Key Competences Laboratory (www.keycolab.eu). In Keycolab we work cooperatively with partners of Belgium, England, Finland and Romania. All with the same aim: develop pedagogical strategies to promote the teaching and evaluation of key competences in Primary Education. 

 - KEYCOLAB is supported since 2016 by KEYCONET: www.keyconet.eun.org