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"Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge." -- Carl Sagan

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Course Description: Science can be broadly divided into two main areas: the content or accumulated body of knowledge about the natural world, and the process, or scientific method through which we learn about the natural world. These two areas go hand in hand. Students must develop a broadening knowledge base through which the process skills can be developed.

The process of science is best taught by allowing the students to actually do science. Students at all grade levels get hands-on experiences in science. These experiences generate student enthusiasm, demonstrate the usefulness of the learning, and appeal to the students with a variety of learning styles. Since skills are not developed in a contextual vacuum, hands-on activities are part of the instruction and not the whole. Scientific processes and mathematical applications are integrated into the content curriculum. During each unit students will have opportunities to ask scientific questions and investigate to find the answer. Mathematics is used to quantify answers.