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Although we are a creative school we think Science, Technology and Engineering (STEM) are important areas of the curriculum and are very motivating for many children.  Children get to carry out hands-on activities such as building a bridge or a marble run . We want to inspire the next generation of engineers, we want to target our children and raise their interest before stereotypes are too ingrained, and show that anyone can be a scientist,  an engineer or mathematician. 

Our approach to teaching  these subjects is practical, hands on and involves problem solving. These skills are introduced from Nursery as they are a core part of the early years curriculum, particularly one of the characteristics of effective learning  'creating and thinking critically' which involves thinking, having their own ideas, making links and choosing ways to do things.  As a school with an early years ethos we care committed to ensuring that the characteristics of effective learning are carried through all of Key Stage 1.

Our philosophy is for children to be immersed in a their learning.  We achieve this by planning Science, Design Technology (DT) or Computing units over a half term, a week or a day, rather than children visiting the subject once a week.  For example we had a whole school DT week in March 19 where every child designed and made a product linked to their wider learning, such as cereal bars linked to polar exploration.

We find that children are very engaged with their learning with this approach and often exceed our expectations with the quality of their final product.