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Maths is a central aspect of the curriculum and is taught every day. We encourage a love of maths and emphasise that everyone can be competent in and enjoy the subject. We place great emphasis on learning using high quality concrete resources, through games, problems and practical tasks coupled with an uncompromising goal of learning and memorising key facts such as number bonds.

Our policy (2019) describes our particular approach to the teaching of maths.

Maths in Early years

Our Maths teaching is supported by Numicon Firm Foundations.

Each half term we will send out a letter explaining the key mathematical concepts we will be exploring. 
Have a look at for some lovely interactive number songs to sing with your children. 

Maths in Key Stage 1

We follow a Maths Mastery approach, using the Inspire Maths scheme as a guide. To support you in helping your child with maths at home, Oxford Owl, the publishers of Inspire have created videos and published excellent materials that address specific areas of the maths curriculum including: counting, addition, subtraction, fractions and so on.

Mathematical fluency in Year1

Maths in KS1 - presentation for parents October 2019

Resources linked to the presentation:

10-frame             10 frame&number bonds           100 square        100square (blank)

Videos on mathematical principles:





Number bonds   

Support booklets on mathematical principles:

Contained within each booklet are mathematical models and principles, practical tips, methods and exemplification. We hope that you find the guidance useful. We would recommend the ‘you can’ sections that will really engage your child with fun and practical learning activities.

Supporting your child with counting

Supporting your child with addition

Supporting your child with subtraction

Printable number bond flash cards:

Bonds for 4 and 5        Bonds for 6 and 7      Bonds for 8 and 9        Bonds for 10