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School Meals Information

Universal free school meals are available to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and for a small fee to our Nursery children.

We have a dedicated team of School Meal Supervisors who support each class in their meal choice, the serving of salad and bread, pouring milk and water and encouraging children to try food and eat to an adequate amount.

We are currently offering a reduced menu to support our children make meal choices and ensure they eat their lunch in the time allocated to their bubble.

School Meal Update, Summer 19

I have been working with Pabulum since January looking at the menus and their service, and with our lunchtime supervisors on the lunchtime experience. To clarify:

·         All children are given at least one vegetable;

·         The vegetarian options is available to all;

·         Our menu offers fruit and yoghurt every day and a traditional pudding on Fridays only;

·         Children will be reminded to choose a salad and younger children will be helped with this;

·         All children are given milk or water to drink;

·         Plated up options are visible at child level so they can see what is  on offer;

·         All staff encourage children to try food / eat a bit more – they cannot throw away full plates of food.


At our April Parents’ Evenings parents/carers were given the opportunity to both meet our catering manager, try some of the food on offer to your children and to give feedback separately about your impressions of school meals.  Anna, a reception parent who led the research, has written a detailed report, see here:

School Meals Report, April 2019