We respect and value our wider community, its people and environment. We are inclusive to all groups in our community and support parents as partners in their children’s learning. We recognise, value, and support parental partnerships at Belmont Infant School. We work collaboratively with families to ensure the progress and development of our children.

Examples of this in practice include:

  • Practitioners make themselves available at drop-off and pick up times where possible. Where a more in-depth conversation is needed, or if a member of staff is unavailable to talk at these times, we will organise a suitable meeting time with parents and carers.

  • Scheduled parent meetings take place throughout the year. These are an opportunity for families to discuss their child’s progress, to ask questions and to share information from home

  • Dates for parent workshops and specific meetings are scheduled throughout the year e.g. phonics, early reading

  • Curriculum letters are sent home each half term to keep parents and carers informed about what their child will be learning.

  • Parents and carers are welcome to share stories with their child’s class, support a cooking session or offer to support the occasional small group. Dates can be arranged with class teachers and an up to date police check may be required.

  • Parents and carers are invited in to celebrate the children’s learning and enhance the topic, for example to share sculptures the children have made or to host a tea party to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Days in Nursery.

  • Parents are encouraged to contribute experiences from home through our ‘Focus Child’ cycle and the use of the ‘Tapestry’ programme

Parent volunteers at Outdoor Classroom Day