We respect and value our wider community, its people and environment. We are inclusive to all groups in our community and support parents as partners in their children’s learning.

Parent survey 2021

We had a great response with 129 questionnaires completed.

We know it is a tricky time to comment as many of you have not had direct contact with teachers or the school since March.

The information you shared is extremely valuable to the school and all of the comments have been collated and shared with the staff and Governing Body.

We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response and it’s clear that as a group you think your children are happy, well taught and making good progress at Belmont Infant School.

This year we were keen to obtain feedback regarding the School’s response to the pandemic. The responses to question 19 were positive overall with remote learning, bubble system, communication, pick up/ drop off arrangements and parents evening by phone receiving the highest scores. A few respondents commented on how amazing the staff had been and sent a huge thank you to Fiona and her team in dealing with such changing and challenging circumstances

That positive response doesn’t mean that we don’t have areas to improve on though. The responses to the questions, are summarised in the attached and we’ve used all the information you’ve provided to identify a number of themes for further discussion and possible action.

Parent Survey Summer 2021