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Illness and Absences

Good school attendance improves your child’s chance of achieving their full potential. 

Reducing absence is a key priority nationally and locally. This is in line with government initiatives such as the Healthy Schools Programme and Improving Attendance and Reducing Persistent Absence.

Children who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve at school and reach their full potential. Missing school disrupts school routines and learning. The most common reason given for children to miss school is illness, however most of the time childhood ailments can be managed in school.

Minor Illness
If your child is unwell on a school day, please always contact the school in the morning to let them know, with the specific reason as this needs to be logged in the class register.

Longer Term Absence
If there are concerns about your child’s attendance the school will refer your child to the school nurse or/and may ask you to present a medical evidence to verify the reason for absence. A letter from parent is needed when:
  • A child has any condition requiring hospital or surgical care. 
  • The child returns to school with a cast or stitches. 
  • The child needs restricted PE lessons or playtime activities for more than three consecutive days.
Please download and read this Minor Illness And Attendance Guide for Parents