Where every child reaches their full potential through nurture, creativity and high expectations.


Welcome to Belmont Infant School!

We are a happy, inclusive and nurturing school where children enjoy learning and make good progress.

We provide a rich diet of exciting experiences as they progress through our school from Nursery to the end of Year 2. Our curriculum harnesses curiosity, encourages creativity and fosters an interest in the world around us. We aim that all our children leave the school with the confidence to face new challenges, with a love of learning and with memories that will last them a lifetime.

In our school we have the highest expectations in terms of children’s work, their conduct around school, in their manners and their behaviour. Our children are happy to be at our school and achieve well - we are proud that they leave our school well equipped for the next phase of their education.

In October 2017 Ofsted said, "Your staff team demonstrate that they share your vision and ambition for the pupils. There is a culture of trust and mutual respect. Staff are highly motivated and fully committed to the school and pupils. As a result, pupils are happy and confident." This strong team will know your child(ren) well and will ensure they achieve the best they can.

We know that parents and carers are key figures child's life and that children do best when schools work closely with their families. We do our best to work with parents and carers to ensure that our children can thrive during their time in our school and into the future. We are pleased that Ofsted (Oct, 2017) said, "Parents and carers speak highly of the school and are proud of its work. In the survey, all parents who responded confirmed that they would recommend the school to another parent."

Belmont Infant and Junior schools are next-door-neighbours, so we work closely together to make sure we provide the best possible education for your children as they grow and develop.

Please feel free to arrange a visit to find out more!

Fiona Crean