Tidings of Comfort and Joy

A message for humankind - and kind humans - everywhere

by Fabian

Very briefly, as it is Christmas, let's put a little bit of attention on the positives.

With our attention being fixed as if with steel rivets upon the choking smokescreen of disingenuous twaddle emanating from Supprssion Central as (they hope) cover for the conquest-by-internal-subversion of once free(ish) nations, it is easy to lose sight of an important fact.

The important fact is this: the shenanigsans of 2020 have obscured real indications that the planet is actually improving.

I know it doesn't seem like it. That is the purpose of smokescreens; to make it hard to see.

There is the adage that, "there is no smoke without fire". It is actually not true as any chemist or cinema special effects wallah will tell you but there is another adage that is rarely mentioned, mainly because I have just invented it:

There is no smoke screen without skulduggery.

What we have now entered is the phase where, when order is put in on a mess, (take tidying up a messy room for example) confusion starts to blow off.

The mess in this case is the mismanaged mess that passes for the organisation and coordinatiom of the affairs of large numbers of human beings on this planet.

And, dear God, it really has been a mess, which is what tends to happen when you make the mistake of entrusting said organisation to criminals and pychopaths, then leaving them to it and expecting things to be all right.

Be that as it may, returning to the analogy of the messy room, when you start to tidy it up, to reorgnise and stamp some order upon the mess, for a while it kind of feels like it is getting worse.

You feel a bit overwhelmed and you kind of wish you had never started as you fish three-week-old dirty socks from under the bed then try to find the launbdry basket which is hidden behind the fish tank with the dead goldfish in it.

But the secret is to keep going, to persist through the sensation of confusion sort of welling up in your face, keep imposing order and sooner or later it all settles down and you have a reasonably tidy room.

So it is with planet Earth at this point in time.

Very briefly - and one could write an entire ruddy book on the subject - man has come a hell of a long way, materially and socially.

The standard of living across the planet is at its highest point ever, with LESS poverty than ever, DESPITE an increasing population and in the face of determined efforts to inhibit or prevent that progress by various vested interests which we'll go into in later articles.

There is a greater sense of justice and human rights than ever.

There is (or was until the COVID psytop provided an excuse to stop it) greater worldwide travel then ever, more intermarriage, more of people from one country living and working in another, more communications among people, more familiarity of people with people, a greater sense of kinship and global community.

As a result, it has become very much more difficult for the vested interets who have thrived off of Man being at war with Man to whip up any real enthusiasm amongst people to go slaugher other people.

Hence - notwithstanding the efforts of the merchants of Chaos of the MSM to make it seem otherwise - there is less war than ever and fewer people than every dying in wars DESPITE a greater sophistication of weaponry and huge propaganda and disinormation campaigns on the part of vested interests to whip up some hysteria.

Hence, we have a replacement for war: scary epidemics. Unable as they once were to easily persuade Man to regard his fellow Man as the enemy, the enemy we must all surrender our liberty and good sense to fight is now a bug.

And just as they did with our fellow man, those who want us to fear an external threat enough to surrender life liberty and the pursuit of common- ruddy-sense, set their their propaganda (lying) machine into overdrive.

Basically, to get Man upset or scared enough to be malleable, you really have to work him over with your insidious mind games. If you don't, in a climate of reason and simple observation, man would prefer to skip the whole frothing-at-the-mouth, headless-chicken, hysteria thing if it is all the same to you. We do have better things to do.

And thus at this time we have a progaganda machine in overdrive and a weird determination to crush the economies of the world's most prosperous nations and inject the citizenry thereof with some worrying chemicals.

Man has been doing too well and headed in the genral direction of something too conducive to his confidence and sense of self worth for somebody's taste and there is currently a concerted effort to put a stop to it.

Imagine a penitentiary full of inmates who were wongly convicted and, sick of being there, start to organise some sort of prison break.

The guards and trustees and the governor in his high tower get nervous. There are a LOT of inmates and only a few guards and if the inmates really get uppity and decide to bring down the walls and grab their freedom, the governor, guards and trustees fear they will at that point be thoroughly doomed. Not only that but the shareholders - for this is a prison run for profit - and Board stand to lose a packet and we can't have that!

So a lot of effort is invested in convincing the inmates that their dreams of liberty are futile, to throw them out of communication and cooperation with one another or even actually fighting one another instead of the guards.

And if it still looks dicey, impose a lockdown and confine the inmates to their cells . . .

Yet the drive for freedom cannot be crushed. It just keeps right on growing no matter what the guards and trustees and governor in his high tower do, what mind games they play or what sly tricks they pull.

In the present world, we see a freedom movement that has expanded almost miraculously in recent months, a massive surge that embraces many times previous numbers and spans generations, professions, social position and so on.

It has expanded despite the most expensive and pervasive disinformation campaign in history through the governors' control of their trustees in the media, the social networks and the tech giants of the internet.

You almost feel sorry for the guards and trustees. They have all that money and power, all that apparent domination of the internet and the media, all that command of the psyops and propaganda machinery, all that money, all that infiltration into government of their political proxies and STILL the freedom movement grows.

That growth, in the teeth of, or perhaps even stimulated by, the C@V#D psyop - probably the most pervasive all-out psychological warfare operation against humankind in history - has been phenomenal.

And it has been global.

The effort to impose some sort of authoritarian technocratic"Utopia" on Man from the top down, has stimulated and energised the growth of its antithesis:

The recognition by human kind that we all have a common enemy has brought about the growth of a sense of global community growing naturally and organically from the grass roots across the entire planet.

It is based not on subterfuge, manipulation, imposition or coercion. It is based upon human kinship, agreement and the dawning awareness that we, the People, working together are the greatest power on this planet and that we can make our prison break and live better, more harmonious lives in the wide free spaces outside the prison walls.

To all my brothers and sisters, the billions of people of good will of this planet, a very happy Christmas, for now and all the Christmases to come.