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Good News from the war on Freedom. You may be more immune than you think. Read the article here

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What happens when youy stop listening and start looking?

Great Propaganda Tricks of Today

Propaganda by redefinition of words


How deadly is the Covid19 virus? The answer is, quite frankly, not very deadly at all despite the relentless efforts of the Covid Terror subversives to make it appear like a re-run of the Black Death.

When lying propagandists like the UK Health Secretary repeat the propaganda trigger-phrase “this deadly disease”, they are indulging in a malicious misrepresentation of the facts.

Acccording to CDC stats,

IN THE ABSENCE OF ANY TREATMENTS your overall chances of not dying from COVID 19 are:

  • Under 20 years old = 99.997%

  • 20-49 = 99.98%

  • 50 -69 = 99.5%

  • over 70 = 95%

We are being lied to.

Saturday 16th June 2020

Pure Gold from Dr Gold. Arm yourself with knowledge!A MUST-WATCH VIDEO BRIEFING Find the article here

Sunday 3rd Jan 2021
Lockdown Lunacy - where on Earth is the evidence that supports it? Read the article here
Thursday 31 December 2020FRANCE: French news reports that about 70% of elderly are reluctant/resistant regarding new vaccines. UNITED STATES: Zogby Poll – Nearly 6 in 10 Prefer to Wait or Outright Reject Getting COVID Vaccine. Read the article here
WORLD: World Freedom Alliance - 87000 doctors issue warning. read the article here

Saturday 26th December 2020

The WHO 's original president was G Brock Chisholm a psychiatrist connected to psych William Sargent and others of the Britsh psych warfare centre , Tavistock.

Chisholm founded (circa 1947 or 48) the psyop front group the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) in the following year.

The WHO and WFMH work in tandem pushing in psychologicaal warfare operations upon the People of the planet that are designed to crush, demoralise, introvert and degrade.

If these enemies of Man are pushng something you know with certainty it is gloing to be very bad for human survival

Saturday 26th December 2020

Quote of the day "Governments often like to boast of how they are a ‘government of firsts’. After one year in office, Al Johnson’s administration has certainly lived up to that sobriquet. For the first time in our history, a government has in short order happily rescinded our ancient liberties, torpedoed the economy, caused unparalleled suffering to the nation’s physical and mental health, abandoned the education of its youth and enacted insane environmental directives at a time when the population is wholly unable to bear them" from

Friday 25th December 2020

Watch out for: just as it becomes evident that we have achieved herd immunity in the scientific and commonly understood definition of the term, the sly propagandists at WHO have altered the definition of herd immunity. Article

Thursday 24th December 2020

Scientists have discovered we are all suffering from a new auto-immune disease caused by the mental illness OCVD (Obsessive Compulsive Vaccine Disorder). It afflicts the whole society when the population is attacked by its own government.

Thursday 24th December 2020

Right, so hospitals half empty and the emergency hospitals set up at great expense to deal with "all those sick people" being struck down by the killer virus quietly shut down without telling anybody, average age of fatality with (not even freakin' "from") the virus 82, the diagnosing of cases up the spout because the tests that have been done by the million return false positives by the bucket load. That usually happens in a killer epidemic does it?

Wed 23rd December 2020

SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS HAPPENING The speed of growth of the Freedom Movement in 2020 has been phenomenal. We may well be witnessing the fastest growth of a humanitarian/human rights movement in history. The COVID Terror and the effort by the criminal factions at Suppression Central may have awoken on a global scale something quite remarkable.

Wed 23rd December 2020

Herd immunity has probably already been established in England with a weakening of transmission and plummeting fatality rates. This should be good news. The government does not think so because this undermines its drive to carry through a coup under the smokes screen of a viral pandemic.

Wed 23rd December 2020

There is what we call the Mainstream Media (MSM) and what we call the Alternative Media. We now need to call them by names that more aptly describe what they are. THE CORPORATE MEDIA [media of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations] and THE PEOPLE'S MEDIA [media of the People, by the People, for the People]. Enough said.