Bad news for the globalists: Putin bucks paranoia, lifts Covid suppression

In terms of proper leadership and statesmanlike qualities, compare the feckless, unpatriotic degenerates and globalist stooges we Brits are saddled with to the leadership the Russian people are enjoying.

Thunderclap: Putin Lifts Covid Restrictions!


Going against the paranoia of Western governments, Vladimir Putin announced today the return to normal in Russia:

"In Russia, the situation with the coronavirus is stabilizing; the restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic can be gradually lifted. In general, the epidemiological situation in the country is gradually stabilizing. This morning, I listened to the reports: we already have the number of cured people higher than the number of sick people. The number of infected people is decreasing, it is less than 20 per thousand. This makes it possible to carefully remove the restrictions imposed."

Currently in most regions of the Russian Federation, there have been very few restrictions since last summer compared to Western countries. All services and shops are functioning (bars and restaurants in several regions have to close at 11 p.m. in theory. In practice, many only close at dawn). The only limitations are the obligation (here again, very theoretical) of masking in transport and stores, and the 50% occupancy limit in cinemas, museums etc. In addition, the majority of the population does not follow the stupid instructions: the mask is rarely worn, or even under the chin. As for the "social distancing"... here is a picture taken a few days ago in the Moscow metro...

The scope of Vladimir Putin's declaration is in fact very political: it shows the clan of globalists in Russia, led by the mayor of Moscow who wants to strengthen measures to align with Western countries, that his little game is over.

In August, it was already Vladimir Putin who ordered the mayor of Moscow to lift the quarantine. The mayor had received a phone call in the middle of a meeting to prepare the announcement of the continuation of the quarantine and had already started to send SMS messages to inform the population. According to a witness, the mayor did not say anything for 2-3 minutes, and at the end of the communication stated that the quarantine was lifted. Last week it was again the President who ordered the mayor of Moscow to stop the "distance" education that he had set up in October for a large part of the students. Today, he has therefore declared, at the national level, that things have gone on long enough.

That there is certainly an electoral justification for this decision, by the fall in popularity of the mayor of Moscow with 80% of dissatisfied people, which translates into the fall in popularity of Putin with an enormous 40% of dissatisfied people, seems obvious, while Western countries are competing in paranoia over who will lock up their population the hardest and longest. Vladimir Putin is clearly putting Russia out of the globalist plan. One should also recall the new measures that Russia has written into its Constitution (e.g. marriage = man plus woman exclusively, the reaffirmation of faith in God, the predominance of Russian laws over international laws, etc.) which clearly show the path chosen, at the antipodes of the project of a globalist society.

The electoral hold-up carried out by Biden and his accomplices in the United States will quickly drag Western Europe into a forced march of globalization. Macron, moreover, pledged his allegiance to Biden in their first telephone interview yesterday. Russia will then assert itself as a sovereign oasis in a crazy world. It is in order to avoid this that the globalists are forcing their way with the attempted uprisings fomented by the "5th column" led by Navalny and a few oligarchs. (ER: This interpretation of Alexei Navalny, a man largely irrelevant to most Russians according to geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci, being used to foment trouble for Putin has credibility.)

But, as Konstantin Sergeyevich himself said here: "Russia has the human, financial and military means to chart its course regardless of the reactions of the globalists". In the same article, Konstantin Sergeyevich writes: "Without a rapid reaction, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the worst is already programmed".

Vladimir Putin's statement today about the end of the madness around the covid shows that there is one reaction, which should be followed by others in the coming weeks.