Government caught lying yet again

Look! Don't listen!

by Karl Hobbs

Reports are coming in that the government has been caught out yet again manufacturing false stories designed to terrify its citizens into compliance with economically and socially destructive edicts

On this occasion another round of false reports about our hospitals have become evident.

Just as it did when the Covid19 psyop started, the government is running the "Our hospitals are overwhelmed" lie on the public in a replay of the propaganda attack of early 2020. The winter flu season and its inevitable annual pressures on the NHS are upon us and the government has wasted no time, as many predicted, in using it to ramp up its propaganda drive in what is known known as its"Covid Terror" operation against the people. .

The lie becomes obvious whenever citizens decide to go LOOK, as this videos exemplies, instead of merely listening to what the government is telling the public.

Many observers have concluded that very little information given out by the government can be trusted after the exposure of a succession of false reports and emerging evidence that those false reports derive so much from high levels of incompetence as was first feared but from deliberate efforts to deceive., The simple act of one citizen going to a hospital and looking at what the actual scene is there highlights the glaring and worrying discrepancy between government claims and actual reality.

The Prime Minister's evident inability to stop his compulsive lying is an additional cause for concern with fears growing that he is suffering from what appears to be a serious mental health issue.

But of course, others are quick to point out that it is not merely the PM and his handlers who are guilty of these crimes against the people but the collaborators and accomplices in the media who continue to aid and abet and forward the lies rather than do their job of exposing them.

With the call growing for Johnson, Hancock and the other conspirators who led the coup that replaced democracy with rule-by-edict to stand trial, we may well see various influential media accomplices standing in the dock alongside them

In the meantime, for dealing with the stream of misinformation issuing from the government, the motto is "LOOK! Don't listen!"